Distributor Program

Our Groupward platform and our Technology assisted Strategy Management methodology can help you generate new projects with your current customers, or pick up new customers.

Do you have an established practice in strategy consulting, organizational culture or organizational communication? Whether you’re an independent professional or an established firm, we can make synergies.

Our proposal is different and our company is highly flexible. Gropuward is marketed as a Service Software, under a scheme of annual revenues, on which the distributor maintains a permanent commission.

The Advisory Party may be addressed by the Distributor, together or by us; As best serve the project and generate more value to the customer.

The business relationship may be of different levels: references, contact, authorized consultant or value-added distributor.

Reseller Program Enrollment

Send us your data. Tell us a little of your experience or that of your company; What they do, how long they have in the market, where they have a presence, what their medium-term objectives are. Let us ponder in touch with you and see how we start a business relationship.