Strategic planning

The strategy defines your company’s position in the competitive terrain. The competitive terrain is where the customer compares the value offerings of the different suppliers. The value offer points out the attributes of value (or competitive factors) that the company identifies as the ones that most value contribute to the customer.

When there is no difference in the supply of value between different suppliers, a price war is inevitable. A price war is not healthy for your company. That’s why differentiation is important and for that reason a repositioning strategy is required.

When you undertake a strategy that seeks to change the position of the company, what we are ultimately doing is a transformation of the value offering to other competitive factors.

This transformation can be relatively small or incredibly ambitious. In any case, to achieve this, we must have a clear vision of the final objective, as well as clarity of the route to be followed to achieve success in the desired transformation.

We must also count on the ability to identify deviations from the final objective or intermediate targets; In order to take corrective action before it is too late.

Falcore is the tool for this. Falcore allows you to keep track of the strategy’s execution very closely. It helps you to ensure the success of your positioning strategy.

Take control of the implementation of the strategy

Falcore offers you a panoramic view of the execution of the strategy. It allows you to implement an “exception management” of the strategy, to focus on the areas where the problems lie. With this level of control you will never fail to run the strategy.

Take CONTROL of the implementation of the strategy

Strategic goals

META Prediction Indicators

Strategic Course

Execution commitments


Falcore is a tool that gives you direction visibility. It helps you identify whether the efforts of the Organization are oriented in the right direction. It allows you to correct the course before it’s too late. It helps you to ensure that you will reach the objectives set out in your planning.

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