The evolution of the competitive ARENA

The arena where companies compete has been changing over time and has gone through several stages. There was a time when having a “decent” product was enough. Then we move on to ensuring the quality of the product. Soon after, efficiency was the name of the game. A short time ago, the quality of the service was everything. Today, you compete in a completely different terrain.

Today we are basically competing with two elements: a differentiated strategic positioning and an organizational culture that supports this positioning. This is simple to understand, however, given the abstract nature of the concepts, implementing it represents an important challenge.

Measuring the quality of a product is pretty straightforward. Measure operational Efficiency no problem! Evaluate the quality of the service a cinch! But how do you implement an organizational culture that supports strategic positioning? How do we know if we are moving in the right direction?

Value Offer

In Steerk we understand the challenge presented today by the execution of strategic planning and cultural transformation. We know that given the abstract of the concepts, it seems impossible to take control of them, measure them, adjust them. But it’s not like that.

We have developed a GROUPWARD platform and a Technology assisted Strategy Management methodology that together provide an unprecedented opportunity. For the first time, it is possible to manage the pillars that support the success of the company, through the increase in the visibility and control of the processes of strategy, culture and organizational communication.


Falcore is a tool that gives you direction visibility. It helps you identify whether the efforts of the Organization are oriented in the right direction. It allows you to correct the course before it’s too late. It helps you to ensure that you reach the objectives set out in your planning.


SPEAKAPP is a bidirectional organizational communication platform. It concentrates all the mechanisms of formal communication with the collaborators. It helps you keep focus on what is relevant to the implementation of strategy and cultural transformation.

GROUPWARD is integrated with three tools: Falcore, Next Level and SpeakApp.


Next Level is the tool that allows you to transform the organizational culture. It helps you align people’s attitudes and behaviors to organizational values. The values that the transformation process of the strategy needs.


Our methodology is part of a different approach. We see the strategy as a process of gradual transformation. Culture as the sum of attitudes, values and competencies that support transformation. Communication as the medium that keeps the focus of the efforts of the people in what is relevant for the strategic and cultural transformation to happen.

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