Who are we?

We are a startup made up of talented “tech steering strategists” with a different and innovative proposal. We have developed a platform and a consultative methodology called “Technology assisted Strategy Management”, aimed at redefining and taking control of the three pillars that support the success of an organization: strategic planning, culture Organizational and organizational communication.

Our methodology is part of understanding and approaching the three organizational pillars E-C-C in a different way. We seek to align them; To make synergies. Our platform, on the other hand, enables a new way of operating and controlling them. An easy way to have visibility and control.

At Steerk we want our customers to increase their competitiveness through a fundamental transformation; Implementing new practices and new tools to help them gain certainty and clarity on their strategic course, as well as the execution capacity to operate it.

Our vision is to get our clients to manage, by themselves, the pillars of organizational success. To achieve, systematically, goals that have historically been a challenge; Goals that are difficult to distinguish you from the competition.

Our goal is to be for our customers, rather than a change engine, in a transformation energy. A transformation that invites you, mainly, to do things differently. Einstein was right to point out that to get different results…

We must undertake different actions!

Our services


Here we establish the transformational course of the organization. It must be realistic, concrete, measurable, but, above all, executable.

Organizational culture

Culture supports strategy. It is based on the attitudes, competencies and values that the organization requires at this precise moment of transformation.


Organizational communication

The communication maintains the focus on the transformation efforts and CENSA, recursively, the state of mind of the Organization and the level of commitment of the collaborators.


Groupward is a suite of applications oriented to support you in the task of ensuring the execution of the strategy and the cultural transformation of the Organization. Hence the concept: “Technology assisted Strategy Management”. It integrates three solutions: Falcore, Next Level and SpeakApp.


Falcore is a tool that gives you direction visibility. It helps you identify whether the efforts of the Organization are oriented in the right direction. It allows you to correct the course before it’s too late. It helps you to ensure that you will reach the objectives set out in your planning.


Next Level is the tool that allows you to transform the organizational culture. It helps you align people’s attitudes and behaviors to organizational values. The values that the transformation process of the strategy needs.


SPEAKAPP is a bidirectional organizational communication platform. It concentrates all the mechanisms of formal communication with the collaborators. It helps you keep focus on what is relevant to the implementation of strategy and cultural transformation.

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