Organizational communication

The only tool that companies have to achieve the internal changes that strategy and culture demand is organizational communication. However, until now, all communication efforts have been, mostly, unidirectional and scattered.

With an organizational communication in these conditions (unidirectional and scattered), you simply miss the opportunity to have a real sensibility of the level of involvement and participation of the collaborators.

SPEAKAPP is a powerful organizational communication platform that concentrates practically all the mechanisms of formal communication with the collaborators:

• Information notes,
• Press Releases
• Questions (simple, open, multiple choice)
• Surveys
• Suggestion Box
• Complaints mailbox
• Reports of deviations to industrial safety policies

All communication absolutely bidirectional, with feedback and measurable.

SPEAKAPP helps you with the distribution and analysis of all the types of communications you send to the collaborators. It helps you, too, with the collection, control and monitoring of all the types of messages that your collaborators send to you. All of the above in a very simple and supported in the medium that is today in the hands of all, the cell phone.

Build trust and generate commitment

The collaborator’s commitment can only be given in an environment of mutual trust and assertive communication. An environment where, as a regular part of the operation, you will be invited and asked about all the relevant aspects of the Organization.

Bidirectional communication is the only way to keep collaborators truly involved and to identify and eliminate obstacles that prevent them from reaching their maximum level of performance.

Forging commitment through communication

The high performance in the organizations is achieved, only when the collaborators are truly committed. The benefits are reflected in the centralization of organizational communication, the creation of content and in facilitating the establishment of the company’s strategic course. SPEAKAPP maximizes internal communication by making decision-making more efficient by shortening action, reaction and adjustment times. It also allows employees to easily and proactively propose their own ideas for continuous improvement through a virtual suggestion mailbox that arrives directly as a notification to system administrators. Speakapp allows collaboration and teamwork, to obtain clarity in the strategic direction, as well as clarity in the objectives to reach, and that the company focuses on obtaining the best results.

Bidirectional communication

Relevant media

State of mind of the Organization


SPEAKAPP is a bidirectional organizational communication platform. It concentrates all the mechanisms of formal communication with the collaborators. It helps you keep focus on what is relevant to the implementation of strategy and cultural transformation.

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